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The easier way to send emails to millions

Use Takeout and send millions of transactional emails without fear of being charged extraordinary amounts.

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Uptime, even under the heaviest loads.

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With easy to use packages (JavaScript and Python, more coming soon) and a simple yet well-documented API allows developers to quickly send emails using any programming language and an internet connection.

Can't find a package for your language?
We encourage others to build API wrappers for Takeout, or you can use the API yourself.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

$3 / month
*10K emails / month
$10 / month
*50K emails / month
$20 / month
*10K emails / month
$25 / month

*Pricing and tier limits selected based on lowest paid tier available from each service. Amazon SES pricing was calculated using 10,000 emails sent from EC2.

The most affordable way to send emails to millions

Takeout's pricing structure is extremely simple, and provides amazing features for $3 a month.


Perfect for small projects.
Free, forever.

  • Send up to 500 emails per month
  • Access to Takeout's API/packages
  • Webhooks
  • Setting a custom email
  • Takeout Cloud
  • Early-access to new features
  • Priority Support
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You're automatically enrolled in the free plan when signing up for Takeout


Get awesome benefits,
for $3 a month.

  • Send unlimited emails
  • Access to Takeout's API/packages
  • Webhooks
  • Setting a custom email
  • Takeout Cloud
  • Early-access to new features
  • Priority Support
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Built for developers

We're not trying to appeal to giant enterprises with $10,000 tiers. We won't spam you to buy Takeout+, we won't lock cool features behind paywalls.

The service with a
✨ Cloud ✨

Takeout Cloud stores your recently sent emails (up to 48 hours) and your templates (indefinitely) that are retrievable using Takeout's packages or API.

*You won't actually float in clouds
If you know how to accomplish such a feat, please tweet at us.

Deliverability? Yes.

Takeout isn't meant to send promotional emails, and we're making sure those emails are sent through the same, but different infrastructure. This work allows your transactional emails to almost never make it into someone's spam folder.

The service that's updated constantly.

Takeout gets updated almost every day, adding new features to the dashboard, API, and packages.

Have a suggestion for a new feature?
We'd love it if you tweeted at us!

We're currently in beta

Takeout launched in the early Fall of 2022 and certainly isn't perfect. We're trying to make it, though 😉. We'll be adding more and more features. Stay tuned!